SkyArt Archery, Swiss based arrow producer, has meanwhile set new technological standards in arrow making.

Whether for 3-D , -Hunting, -Field or -Target.

The latest development of Bi-Carbon shafts produced with Ultra-High-Modulus Carbon, not only provide the lightest arrows at the market but in addition are the first with an over the arrow-length identical spine.

It is the reason why we have moved the Carbon-Aluminium shafts to the Hall of Fame where they have their well deserved rest.

Carbon-Aluminium had advantages when compared to the classic carbon arrow-shafts.

However, latest State of Art Technology offers the potential to avoid the weak sides of the Carbon-Aluminium which are among others, but not limited to,

-accumulation of tolerances

-Difference in expension-coefficient between aluminium and carbon.

-Spine variations over the length of the arrow shaft

Bi-Carbon Ultra High Modulus avoids the variety of weaknesses.

The Tolerances in straightness as well as in weight have been further improved and challenge any shaft at the market.

Components are at highest standards and particular the often under-estimated importance of point-precission has been high-lightened.

Not in the last place the natural Feathers were significant improved in quality. No weight difference or different shapes anymore as with standard commercial arow-feathers.

Heat-transfer printing is introduced for all SkyArt arrows, whilst for archers who give preference to an arrow wrap, professional designers took care of that.

New tungsten-composit points complete the 2015 product range.

No commercial Hot-Air about aerospace aluminium which than happens to be same as the bikes our Grandparents used to go shopping.

No so-called full Carbon shafts which when having an eye at it appear to be a sandwitch of carbon and glass.

Certainly of interest is the fact that we managed to keep prices at decent levels.

No doubt. The best Quality-Price balance at the market